National Society United States Daughters of 1812

Liberty, Fraternity, and Unity Since 1892

Notable Members

Mrs. William Gerry Slade

Mrs. William Gerry Slade


President National

Mrs. William Gerry Slade

Born Emma Maleen Hardy, January 11, 1847, in Lowell, Massachusetts, she was the daughter of Walter and Ruth M. (Clark) Hardy. She married William Gerry Slade, in New York City, on February 22, 1871, and had one daughter, Harriet, wife of William Murray Crombie. Mrs. Slade was the organizer of several patriotic and lineage societies and was also a dear friend of Flora Adams Darling, founder of the National Society United States Daughters of 1812. In 1896, Mrs. Darling began the re-organization of the Society and appointed Mrs. Slade as Organizing President of the National Society, a position she held for eighteen years (1897-1915). She served as Editor of the monthly publication of the National Society United States Daughters of 1812, and also as President of the State of New York Society. Mrs. Slade and Mrs. Darling were devoted friends and co-workers. At the passing of Mrs. Darling, January 6, 1910, Mrs. Slade's remarks were, "A eulogy is seldom an honor. That which makes the world better when life is done -- you who have received or accomplished any good which the Society has brought you, will give tribute to the memory of your Founder." Mrs. Slade, a leader in the work of patriotic and historic societies, died on September 5, 1925, at the Waldorf-Astoria, in New York, where she had resided for years. She is buried at Mount Auburn Cemetery, in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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